Quota Share Calculator for Pacific Coast Groundfish


This calculator is a tool designed to help QS permit owners estimate the current year quota pounds (QP) associated with QS percentages. Please note that any sale of QS will not become effective until January 1st of the following year, and that the sector allocations are subject to change. Click on any zero in the "QS Percentage" or "QP Amount" columns below, and the other column will automatically calculate the equivalent amount for the current year.


Shorebased IFQ Sector Balances (round weight)
Vessel Limits   Accumulation Limits
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QS PercentageQP Amount
2021Arrowtooth flounder16,261,340
2021Bocaccio rockfish South of 40°10' N.1,463,318
2021Canary rockfish1,942,184
2021Chilipepper rockfish South of 40°10' N.3,737,276
2021Cowcod South of 40°10' N.39,683
2021Darkblotched rockfish1,638,894
2021Dover sole101,352,344
2021English sole18,691,231
2021Lingcod North of 40°10' N.5,017,236
2021Lingcod South of 40°10' N.960,333
2021Longspine thornyheads North of 34°27' N.5,404,147
2021Minor shelf rockfish North of 40°10' N.1,832,195
2021Minor shelf rockfish South of 40°10' N.351,064
2021Minor slope rockfish North of 40°10' N.2,069,214
2021Minor slope rockfish South of 40°10' N.1,160,513
2021Other flatfish9,012,497
2021Pacific cod2,291,065
2021Pacific halibut (IBQ) North of 40°10' N.159,384
2021Pacific ocean perch North of 40°10' N.7,358,457
2021Pacific whiting313,569,868
2021Petrale sole8,141,450
2021Sablefish North of 36° N.6,921,611
2021Sablefish South of 36° N.1,732,833
2021Shortspine thornyheads North of 34°27' N.2,672,267
2021Shortspine thornyheads South of 34°27' N.110,231
2021Splitnose rockfish South of 40°10' N.3,450,675
2021Starry flounder378,754
2021Widow rockfish29,984,366
2021Yelloweye rockfish7,275
2021Yellowtail rockfish North of 40°10' N.9,019,397
*Species not available for QS trading. See 660.140 Shorebased IFQ Program in the final rule of 50 CFR 660.