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The quota pound (QP) balances and transfer limits shown below for vessel accounts are real-time, in that they reflect the most recent transactions and catch data. However, NMFS shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or delays in such data. Catch data (including updates and corrections) is uploaded to vessel accounts once per day around midnight, seven nights a week for landings data (first receiver and catch monitor data), and for discard data. QP balances shown here will change when actual vessel account balances change, due to new catch data uploads or QP transfers.

Public VA

Quota YearVesselVessel OwnerIFQ SpeciesQP BalanceQP Limit to Transfer InMetric ton
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTArrowtooth flounder623,5186,272,447282.823
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTBocaccio rockfish South of 40°10' N.19,388217,7708.794
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTCanary rockfish23,922161,62210.851
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTChilipepper rockfish South of 40°10' N.99,119416,73844.96
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTCowcod South of 40°10' N.3909,287.177
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTDarkblotched rockfish20,05176,8559.095
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTDover sole963,3342,952,088436.96
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTEnglish sole136,8301,238,53162.065
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTLingcod North of 40°10' N.61,970151,71828.109
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTLingcod South of 40°10' N.4,02679,2101.826
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTLongspine thornyheads North of 34°27' N.75,541346,27034.265
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTMinor shelf rockfish North of 40°10' N.21,04892,3159.547
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTMinor shelf rockfish South of 40°10' N.63347,571.287
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTMinor slope rockfish North of 40°10' N.25,350122,49911.499
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTMinor slope rockfish South of 40°10' N.40,07842,65918.179
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTOther flatfish70,2391,299,10531.86
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTPacific cod17,158441,0957.783
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTPacific halibut (IBQ) North of 40°10' N.2,40028,4671.089
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTPacific ocean perch North of 40°10' N.40,000351,03018.144
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTPacific whiting12,56352,792,8895.698
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTPetrale sole187,494116,08585.046
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTSablefish North of 36° N.120,571259,16354.69
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTSablefish South of 36° N.77,000243,77234.927
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTShortspine thornyheads North of 34°27' N.36,205190,73516.422
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTShortspine thornyheads South of 34°27' N.7,3002,6213.311
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTSplitnose rockfish South of 40°10' N.43,000451,28719.504
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTStarry flounder1,00074,777.454
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTWidow rockfish9,9762,146,8334.525
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTYelloweye rockfish81,103.004
2023ALEXPETTINGER, BRADLEY GRANTYellowtail rockfish North of 40°10' N.30,000592,00813.608
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCArrowtooth flounder06,896,1340
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCBocaccio rockfish South of 40°10' N.0237,7700
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCCanary rockfish0185,7390
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCChilipepper rockfish South of 40°10' N.0517,1380
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCCowcod South of 40°10' N.09,6770
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCDarkblotched rockfish096,9620
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCDover sole03,952,7500
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCEnglish sole01,375,7770
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCLingcod North of 40°10' N.0213,7410
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCLingcod South of 40°10' N.083,3320
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCLongspine thornyheads North of 34°27' N.0422,4730
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCMinor shelf rockfish North of 40°10' N.0114,8660
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCMinor shelf rockfish South of 40°10' N.048,5190
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCMinor slope rockfish North of 40°10' N.0147,8910
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCMinor slope rockfish South of 40°10' N.082,7590
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCOther flatfish01,369,7620
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCPacific cod0458,2530
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCPacific halibut (IBQ) North of 40°10' N.030,8670
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCPacific ocean perch North of 40°10' N.0391,0300
2023ALYSSA ANNALYSSA ANN LLCPacific whiting052,805,4520
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