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The Duck Valley Indian Reservation is situated in a beautiful, green valley on the Nevada and Idaho border. Established by Executive order on April 16, 1877, the site for this reservation was selected by Captain Sam, a Shoshone leader who felt that the plentiful wild game, anadromous fish, wild berries, abundant water and the fertile valley soil held a promising future for our people. In 1886 and again in 1910 additional land was annexed to the Reservation to provide for the Shoshone-Paiute peoples,who later came here from the nearby areas to live. Today approximately 2,300 Shoshone-Paiute hold membership at Duck Valley.


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East Fork Owyhee AssessmentEast Fork Owyhee River Salmon and Steelhead Recovery ProjectSalmonid Restoration Planning and AssessmentsSalmonid Habitat Assessment / Inventory - 2009Completed $89,206
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