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PCSRF Database Public Access to Project Data

Congress established the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF) to contribute to the restoration and conservation of Pacific salmon and steelhead populations and their habitat. The States of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Alaska and the Pacific Coastal and Columbia River tribes (all hereafter referred to as the PCSRF grantees) have received Congressional PCSRF appropriations from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) each year since FY2000. Funds are used for salmon recovery and conservation projects carried out by local governments, tribes, state agencies, public partners, watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, and other organizations and entities. The PCSRF is used to leverage additional state and local funds and volunteer participation from local and private sources. The PCSRF is one component of many activities and projects that have been initiated to recover Pacific salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The PCSRF Database web site provides access to individual project information and associated data, as well as data summarized at the Program-wide, Recovery Domain, and Grantee levels. All data and information related to a project is available for public access. The Home page includes Program-wide summary information. Access to summary data by individual recovery domain or grantee is available by clicking on the specific recovery domain or grantee on the Recovery Domains or Grantees list pages.

The Map page allows standard web-map navigation to view general project locations (displayed locations are graphical and may not be precise if there is more than one worksite associated with a project, or if the project covers a broad geographical area). Clicking on a project symbol will display some basic information about the project.

Use the Projects page to search for projects or to filter the list of all projects funded directly by PCSRF or using state match funds by Recovery Domain, Category, Subcategory, Grantee or Year. Mouse-over the project Name to view the project description. Click on the Project ID or Project Name to view all information for a specific project.

Reporting of "Other" and "In-kind" funds may be incomplete, especially for older projects.