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Start Date08/18/2006
End Date12/31/2007
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Shoshone Bannock Tribes Fish and Wildlife Department will develop Chinook salmon adult escapement estimates for 22 natural-origin Fishery Management Areas (FMA) and four overlapping hatchery-origin FMAs in the Salmon River Basin. Tribal staff participates within the US v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee to formulate forecasts at the Columbia River Mouth and Lower Granite Dam. Staff applies the Lower Granite Dam forecast to the Salmon River tributaries based on a redd sibling regression database to determine pre-season forecasts to the 22 natural-origin and 4 hatchery-origin populations in the Salmon River. As the run progresses, the SBT will update forecasts as necessary. Biologists will apply adult forecast estimates to the abundance-based sliding scale harvest management frameworks and develop population specific harvest guidelines.

The Fish and Wildlife Department will submit the Chinook salmon fishery recommendations to Fort Hall Business Council for approval and meet with Tribal Fishermen to discuss harvest regulations and guidelines during annual Fishermans Meeting. Staff will communicate the Tribes fisheries intentions with the relevant co-managers and submit annual harvest guidelines to NOAA-Fisheries. As in-season run updates are generated, re-apply the adult forecast estimates to the harvest frameworks and update harvest guidelines. Notify co-managers, NOAA-Fisheries, and Tribal Fishermen of any modifications to the regulations and guidelines as necessary.

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Promote recovery and restoration of ESA-listed salmonids through proper management and cooperation with relavent co-managers in the sub-basin.


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  • Snake River Spring/Summer-run Chinook Salmon ESU



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