Swinomish FY 2023 Harvest Management and Planning

Salmonid Hatcheries and Harvest Management

Harvest Management
Project ID23-SWIN-02
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Start Date01/01/2024
End Date12/31/2024
Last Edited05/17/2024
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This project will support two tribal harvest management biologists to participate in annual fishery planning meetings. During these meetings, the fishing package for the upcoming year is negotiated and agreed to by all associated parties. Specifically, this will fund participation, travel, and lodging to attend North of Falcon, Pacific Fisheries Management Council, and other tribal or state-tribal co-manager meetings related to harvest management during the pre-season planning process. These costs are based on anticipated costs over two planning seasons.

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This project by establishing a conservation-based harvest regime will ensure that harvest mortality and spawning escapement are consistent with the Puget Sound Chinook harvest plan, while striving to provide treaty fishing opportunities to the Swninomish Tribal Community


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  • Latitude: 48.39047
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  • Baker River Sockeye Salmon ESU
  • Puget Sound Chinook Salmon ESU
  • Puget Sound Steelhead DPS
  • Pacific Coast Chum Salmon ESU




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