Waite Ranch Tidal Wetland Restoration Phase II Part 2

Salmonid Habitat Restoration and Acquisition

Project ID460-4604
Recovery DomainsOregon Coast
Start Date10/05/2022
End Date06/30/2027
Last Edited02/27/2024
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Phase II of this project includes constructing a 6,600-foot long setback dike that will protect Highway OR-126 from waves and erosion once daily inundation of the tidal wetland is restored in Phase III. To address this change in inundation frequency without undue impacts to the eastern neighboring properties and to maintain an equivalent level of bank protection for the roadway, the restoration design includes a setback dike. Metrics for the setback dike are entered as C.9.h.2 Fill Placement 10.6 acres. The length (6,600’) and base width (70’) were multiplied and converted to acres.

Phase II will include excavate a primary tidal channel and secondary tidal channels. The primary tidal channel will provide hydraulic connectivity from the breach to secondary channels and the interior of the site. The secondary channels will be aligned to provide connections between the primary channel, relict channels, and local flow pathways. Metrics for channel creation are entered as C.9.c.1. Channel Modification 5,069 yards. 5,982 feet of primary channel and 9,226 feet of secondary channels were calculated by CTCLUSI staff using GIS files provided with the 60% designs (combined and converted to yards). The channels will not be inundated, or convey water/flow, until Phase III completion when the dike is breached. This metric will not be applied to Phase III in the event it is funded by NOAA PCSRF.

To drain the diked site, prior owners excavated a series of linear drainage channels. These drainage channels will be filled with soil to prevent water flow, instead directing flows into the project’s primary and secondary channels. The metric entered for ditch filling is C.9.d.1. Dike or Berm Modification/Removal 1.52 miles. Approximately 8,055 linear feet of existing drainage channels will be filled (60% Design Report p.26). The length was converted to miles.

Phase II will also include the removal of fence posts and barbwire that was associated with historic agricultural land use on site. Metric entered as C.9.n.2 Debris Removal .1 acres. The only unit available for this metric is acres.

Phase II will include preloading of the area where a tide gate is planned to be constructed as part of the next phase. There is no metric entered for this activity.

The tax lot is 217 acres in size, and restoration will positively impact the entire property. Estuary treated was entered as 217 acres proposed and zero acres would be entered under this metric if future grants from PCSRF funded the project.

Project Benefit    

The overall goal of this restoration project is to enhance and improve habitat and watershed processes for Oregon Coast Chinook Salmon, Oregon Coast Coho Salmon, Pacific Coast Chum Salmon, Oregon Coast Steelhead, cutthroat trout, and other important aquatic species that were once abundant in the rivers of the Tribes Ancestral Territory. The full restoration of Waite Ranch will restore over 200 acres of former tidal wetland and Siuslaw River riparian area and support a complex food web, improved water quality, and resilience to the impacts of climate change.


Metric Completed Originally
Estuarine Habitat
  Acres Created
  Acres Treated 217.0

Funding Details

No Funding data has been entered for this project.

Project Map


Waite Ranch    

  • Worksite Identifier: Waite Ranch
  • Start Date: 10/06/2022
  • End Date:
Area Description
This property is Lane County tax lot number 1811200000601. There are 217 acres, all of which are zoned Exclusive Farm Use. The majority of the site is in the FEMA 100-year floodplain while smaller sections are classified as FEMA Floodway.

Location Information

  • Basin: Northern Oregon Coastal (171002)
  • Subbasin: Siuslaw (17100206)
  • Watershed: Lower Siuslaw River (1710020608)
  • Subwatershed: Bernhardt Creek-Siuslaw River (171002060804)
  • State: Oregon
  • Recovery Domain: Oregon Coast
  • Latitude: 43.99
  • Longitude: -124.0299


  • Oregon Coast Chinook Salmon ESU
  • Oregon Coast Coho Salmon ESU
  • Pacific Coast Chum Salmon ESU
  • Oregon Coast Steelhead DPS
  • Un-Named ESU Cutthroat




  • C.0 Salmonid Habitat Restoration and AcquisitionY (Y/N)
    •      . . C.0.a Habitat restoration and acquisition funding .00
    •      . . C.0.b Length of stream treated/protected
    •      . . C.0.c
      Project identified in a Plan or Watershed Assessment
    •      . . C.0.d.1 Project Monitoring (LOV)
    •      . . C.9 Estuarine/Nearshore ProjectY (Y/N)
      •      . . . . C.9.a Estuarine/nearshore funding
      •      . . . . C.9.b Total amount of estuarine/nearshore area treated
      •      . . . . C.9.c.1 Channel modificationY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . C.9.c.2 Yards of channel modified/created (Yards)
      •      . . . . C.9.d.1 Dike or berm modification/removalY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . C.9.d.2 Miles of dike(s) removed/modified
      •      . . . . C.9.h.1 Fill placementY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . C.9.h.2 Acres of estuary treated
      •      . . . . C.9.n.1 Debris removalY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . C.9.n.2 Acres treated