Arctic Yukon Kuskokwim Tribal Research and Restoration Program Administration

Program Administration

Project IDBSFA Administration - 80337
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Start Date07/01/2016
End Date06/30/2019
Last Edited04/28/2020
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Bering Sea Fishermens Association (BSFA) Arctic Yukon Kuskokwim Sustainable Salmon Initiative Program Manager and BSFA staff administered expenses for activities such as sub-agreement and contracts management and program monitoring, accounting, support. Funds were utilized in the competitive funding allocation processes including the processing and administrative review of project applications, proposals and reports. The scheduled end date for this award was based on the five year allowable time for project completion of the federal grant award. The sub-award agreements had actual start and end dates that were in a shorter duration than the five year period of time.

This project ended earlier while project 1709 was still on-going, and this was an unanticipated mistake in closing out this project sooner than 1709.

Project Benefit    

This work will administer and monitor projects to address research priorities of the AYK SSI that benefit salmonid populations.


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Report Total:$12,000


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