PCSRF Administration XVIII

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Project ID17-CRIT-01
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Start Date10/01/2017
End Date06/30/2022
Last Edited04/22/2022
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CRITFC is charged with the coordination and administration of PCSRF funded projects within CRITFC and its member tribes. Efficiency, MOU compliance, fiscal oversight, and satisfying congressional intent are critical functions to safeguard the long-term sustainability of this funding opportunity. For 2017, 15 new projects at an additional budget level of $1.7 million will need to be contracted, implemented, and monitored. Since 2000, 339 tribal projects at a budget level of $30,711,000 have been implemented. Of the implemented projects, 293 projects (86%) are completed and 46 (14%) projects are ongoing. The majority of the projects are on-the-ground projects involving collaboration with federal, state and private landowners.

Primary duties under this project include applying for the annual competitive PCSRF funding using the federal government application process, writing and amending subcontracts with the tribes, maintaining the PCSRF database, reports to the CRITFC Commission, budget tracking by project, financial management, gathering individual progress reports and submitting comprehensive progress reports to NOAA Fisheries, coordinating the project selection process and audit compliance (see attached timeline) process.

Continued efforts also include assembling the Phase II performance measures (metrics) from all CRITFC and tribal projects required by NOAA and entering them into the PCSRF database.

With multiple fiscal years under the PCSRF program and the addition of the FY 2017 funding, we will be managing 61 active individual projects at a budget of nearly $4.5 million.

Project Benefit    

This will benefit all Salmonid species in the Columbia Basin as a result of all the Tribal projects implemented.


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