Upper Columbia Basin Salmon Recovery, Restoration and Enhancement Planning and Coordination

Salmonid Restoration Planning and Assessments

Salmonid Habitat Assessment / Inventory
Project IDCCT02-6
Recovery DomainsInterior Columbia
Start Date09/01/2002
End Date08/31/2005
Last Edited08/27/2020
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Actions completed through implementation of this project include the Colville Tribes participation in, and coordination with, Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board, Okanogan Subbasin Planning, Columbia Basin Strategy Team, Anadromous Fish Committee, Upper Columbia Regional Technical Team, RMandE Collaborative Process, the regional TRT, Washington State Comprehensive Monitoring Strategy - Habitat Technical Group, and the Colville Tribal Hatchery Advisory committee. In addition, project activities include ongoing administration of PCSRF, and development of a semi-annual report and annual report.

Objective 1 has been completed. Objective 2- Additonal funds from CCT02-1 were identified as a modification request to cover PCSRF administration and coordination efforts. These efforts would include: 1) final reporting requirements; 2) project tracking and record keeping; 3) and coordination with Tribal fishery project managers. A full time PCSRF project manager was hired by the Tribe in July of 2004. This position will provide accountability internally rather than the responsibilities being sub-contracted.

The modification request was approved. The PCSRF project manager has participated in the UCSRB, Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority processes, anadromous fish processes in the Upper Columbia, PCSRF database management, and has been responsible for PCSRF administration and coordination efforts.

Project Benefit    

Improve effectiveness of habitat restoration, enhancement, and research activities implemented in the Okanogan River Basin.


Metric Completed Originally
Planning and Assessment
  Stream Miles Assessed 60.00 60.00

Funding Details

Report Total:$158,777

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  • Worksite Identifier: 1238
  • Start Date: 09/01/2002
  • End Date: 08/31/2003
Area Description

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Location Information

  • Basin: Upper Columbia
  • Subbasin: Chief Joseph
  • Watershed:
  • Subwatershed:
  • State: Washington
  • Recovery Domain: Interior Columbia
  • Latitude: 47.9894356308357
  • Longitude: -119.645237763848


  • Upper Columbia River Summer- and Fall-run Chinook Salmon ESU
  • Upper Columbia River Steelhead DPS
  • Upper Columbia River Spring-run Chinook Salmon ESU




  • B.0 Salmonid Restoration Planning and AssessmentsY (Y/N)
    •      . . B.0.a Planning And Assessment Funding 158,777.00
    •      . . B.2 Salmonid Habitat Assessment / InventoryY (Y/N)
      •      . . . . B.2.a Habitat Assessment Funding 158,777.00
      •      . . . . B.2.c Instream SurveyY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . B.2.c.2 Stream miles assessed 60.00
        •      . . . . . . B.2.c.3 Stream miles assessed that contained salmonids 123.00