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Service Description: Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the term “species” can refer to a taxonomic species, subspecies, Distinct Population Segment (DPS), or an Evolutionarily Significant Unit (ESU) for a DPS of Pacific salmon. Salmon ESUs and steelhead DPSs are depicted as ranges using watershed polygons that circumscribe important spawning, rearing, and migration habitats. Populations, defined by Technical Recovery Teams (TRTs), within salmon ESUs and steelhead DPSs are displayed as separate layers. Populations identified with an asterisk (*) are extirpated and populations identified with two asterisks (**) are functionally extirpated. An ESU or DPS with "XN" in the name is an experimental population. The code "XN" comes directly from the ESA list. These data do not constitute legal definitions. Please refer to NOAA Fisheries’ Federal Register final rules and the Code of Federal Regulations for legal definitions of threatened or endangered species. Not all ESA-listed species under the jurisdiction of NOAA Fisheries are displayed in this map service. Only those within the West Coast Region that have available data are displayed. ESA-listed salmon ESUs and steelhead DPSs that are not displayed in this map service include: Salmon, Chinook (California Coastal ESU); Salmon, Chinook (Central Valley spring-run ESU); Salmon, Chinook (Sacramento River winter-run ESU); Salmon, coho (Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast ESU); Salmon, coho (Central California Coast ESU); Steelhead (Northern California DPS); Steelhead (Central California Coast DPS); Steelhead (California Central Valley DPS); Steelhead (South-Central California Coast DPS); Steelhead (Southern California DPS). Please refer to the text descriptions for these ESA-listings in Federal Register Notices and/or the electronic Code of Federal Regulations.

Map Name: Salmon and Steelhead Ranges (ESA-Listed)


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Copyright Text: NOAA Fisheries, West Coast Region, Protected Resources Division

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