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Service Description: Endangered Species Act (ESA) critical habitat designations are depicted as lines to represent protected rivers and streams and as polygons to represent protected waterbodies, marine areas, estuaries, marshes, etc. There are habitat areas displayed in these data that are excluded from critical habitat designations due to overlaps with tribal lands, Department of Defense lands, Habitat Conservation Plans, or they were economic exclusions. Exclusions were not clipped out of the data. For an exact description of critical habitat exclusions, please refer to Federal Register final rules. Not all ESA critical habitat designations under the jurisdiction of NOAA Fisheries are displayed in this map service. Only critical habitat designations within the West Coast Region that have available data are displayed. Two critical habitat designations within the West Coast Region are not displayed: Salmon, Chinook (Snake River spring/summer-run ESU); Salmon, coho (Southern Oregon/Northern California Coast ESU). These data are intended to assist the public and our partners with visually interpreting federal regulations. However, these data do not constitute legal definitions. Please refer to NOAA Fisheries’ Federal Register final rules and the Code of Federal Regulations for legal definitions of critical habitat designations.

Map Name: Critical Habitat


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