Development of Sex Control Methods in Sablefish
Sex control experiments
Dataset Description
In these experiments sablefish sex ratio data are collected using gonadal histology and a genetic sex marker.
Data contact
Adam Luckenbach
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Sablefish sex differentiation sampling
Table description
This table contains morphometric and histological data from cultured sablefish sampled for assessment of normal sex differentiation.
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Luckenbach, Adam; 07/19/2017. NOAA Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center. Sex control experiments: Sablefish sex differentiation sampling (
Sampling Date (DATE)
Date when sample was collected. Units for values are month-day-year.
Origin, Dissection (TEXT)
Fish origin and dissection type used.
Fish # (TEXT)
Number assigned to sample collected.
Body Wt (G) (NUMBER)
Fish body weight of the sample. Units for values are grams.
Fl (Mm) (NUMBER)
Fish fork length of the sample. Units for values are millimeters.
Gonad Wt (G) (NUMBER)
Total weight of gonads of the sample. Units for values are grams.
Genetic Sex (TEXT)
Fish genetic sex: male (M) or female (F).
Histo Sex (TEXT)
Sex of the fish as determined by histology.
Histology Notes (TEXT)
Notes taken while analyzing histology.
Sampling Notes (TEXT)
Notes taken while sampling fish.
Record Number (TEXT)
An indication of the total number of records in the data. Added to help indicate how much data should be expected when accessing or downloading, so end users know if they got all the data.
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The date on which this data was accessed or downloaded. Added when data is delivered to record when the data was downloaded.
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The human interface access point for this data table.
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