Elwha river salmonid genetics
Elwha genetics
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Linda Park
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Elwha Steelhead Genetics
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This is a table of raw microsatellite genotypes for Onchorhynchus mykiss (both steelhead and rainbow trout) in the Elwha River watershed, WA, where each locus is represented by two alleles, 3 digits for each allele, where alleles are mobility/size determined, per standard published criteria. Loci are described in Winans et al. 2014. Conservation Genetics. 10.1007/s10592-014-0659-z. Data are grouped by collections. Each collection is separated by "pop." The first individual in a collection has an abbreviation for its collection name. They are in order: (rainbow trout collections) Delabarre, Chicago, Camp Wilder, Camp Wilder, Hayes ,Elkhorn, Geyser, Geyser, Cat, Whiskey Bend, Altaire, Griff Cr., Griff Cr., Madison Cr., Side Channel, Little R., Reservoir, S. Branch Little R., S. Branch Little R., (Steelhead collections), Brood Year 05, Brood Year 06, Brood Year 07, Brood Year 08, Brood Year 09, Brood Year 10, Brood Year 11, LEKT Hatchery, LEKT Hatchery, (Hatchery trout), Goldendale trout, Spokane trout.
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