Economic Data Collection for Monitoring the Economic Effects of the West Coast Groundfish Trawl Rationalization Program
First Receiver and Shorebased Processor Data
Dataset Description
Cost earnings data for first receiver and shorebased processor data
Data contact
Marie Guldin
InPort Dataset Reference
EDC FRRevenue View
Table description
Replicate of EDC FR revenue view
InPort Entity Reference
Web Application
Source URL
Preferred Citation
Please see external data source for proper citation information.
Record Number (TEXT)
An indication of the total number of records in the data. Added to help indicate how much data should be expected when accessing or downloading, so end users know if they got all the data.
Fishery (TEXT)
Species group (corresponds to cost disaggregation groups: Pacific Whiting, Non-whiting groundfish, Other)
Species (TEXT)
Species (corresponds to EDC form)
Accessed Date (TEXT)
The date on which this data was accessed or downloaded. Added when data is delivered to record when the data was downloaded.
Source Url (TEXT)
The human interface access point for this data table.
Fullcode (TEXT)
Unique identifier of survey field
Revenue (NUMBER)
Reported revenue value
Preferred Citation (TEXT)
The preferred citation for this data table.
Unique processor identifier
Survey Year (NUMBER)
Fiscal year


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