Bycatch Reduction Engineering Research
Species Composition
Dataset Description
Species composition (lengths, weights, counts) for regular and bycatch reduction device-impacted trawls.
Data contact
Mark Lomeli
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Bycatch Species Composition Fact
Table description
Bycatch reduction species composition
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Bycatch Project Whid (NUMBER)
Reference to the project details
Record Number (TEXT)
An indication of the total number of records in the data. Added to help indicate how much data should be expected when accessing or downloading, so end users know if they got all the data.
Bycatch Project Dim$Fishery (TEXT)
Fishery of the project
Accessed Date (TEXT)
The date on which this data was accessed or downloaded. Added when data is delivered to record when the data was downloaded.
Weight Mt (NUMBER)
Weight of the species
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Taxonomy Whid (NUMBER)
Reference to taxonomy
Preferred Citation (TEXT)
The preferred citation for this data table.
Bycatch Project Dim$Project Name (TEXT)
Project name
Adipose Present (NUMBER)
Number of individuals (salmonids only) with an adipose fin present
Bycatch Project Dim$Vessel (TEXT)
Vessel name
Bycatch Project Dim$Year (NUMBER)
Year project took place
Bycatch Project Dim$Note (TEXT)
Note about the project
Bycatch Project Dim$Publication Url (TEXT)
Publication link from the project
Bycatch Project Dim$Time Of Day (TEXT)
Period of day when project occurred
Bycatch Project Dim$Selectivity Study Method (TEXT)
Method of selectivity study
Adipose Absent (NUMBER)
Number of individuals (salmonids only) with the adipose fin absent
Catch Numbers (NUMBER)
Number of individuals in catch
Bycatch Project Dim$Selectivity Study Type (TEXT)
Type of selectivity study


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