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ProjectNameProgramData sets
NWFSC-OHHI/NSF EF-0813285Identifying Environmental Determinants Favorable for the Presence and Transmission of Pathogenic VibriosNot designated1
ECOHAB-HeterosigmaThe Ecophysiology and Toxicity of Heterosigma akashiwo in Puget Sound: A Living Laboratory Ecosystem ApproachMarine Microbes and Toxins1
DWH Seafood SafetyDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill Seafood Safety ResponseNot designated1
Shellfish growing areasTransport and fate of nutrient and pathogen loadings into nearshore Puget Sound: consequences for shellfish growing areasWatershed2
Vibrio population structureGenetic and population structure analysis of clinical and environmental Vibrio parahaemolyticus strainsNot designated1
TaurineDetermining Optimum Taurine Supplementation Levels for Plant Proteins Incorporated into Marine Finfish Feeds using Juvenile Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria.Aquaculture1
English sole somatic growthSuitability of somatic growth of English sole as an ecosystem indicator.Ecosystem Analysis1
PCBs in Northwest Atlantic dogfishChemical tracers in Northwest Atlantic dogfishEnvironmental Chemistry1
Quota Market AnalysisAnalysis and Reporting on Pacific Groundfish IFQ Quota MarketEcosystem Science1
Sablefish Muscle PhysiologySablefish Muscle PhysiologyAquaculture1
US China Alt Feeds ProjectIncorporation of Plant Proteins into Marine Finfish Feeds, a NWFSC-YSFRI Joint StudyAquaculture2
SoundToxinsSoundToxins: Partnership for Enhanced Monitoring and Emergency Response to Harmful Algal Blooms in Puget SoundMarine Microbes and Toxins1
Alternative feedsUtilization of Marine Process Waste for Aquaculture FeedsAquaculture1
Lipophilic toxins in WAClear and present danger: monitoring and management of lipophilic shellfish toxins in Washington State Marine Microbes and Toxins1
POPs in forage fishPersistent organic pollutant levels in juvenile salmonids, forage fish and their avian predators from Puget Sound and the outer WA coastEcosystem Science1
Economic Data CollectionEconomic Data Collection for Monitoring the Economic Effects of the West Coast Groundfish Trawl Rationalization ProgramEconomic and Social Science Research4
West Coast Domoic Acid EventWest Coast Toxic Pseudo-nitzschia bloomMarine Microbes and Toxins1
MacroalgaeProduction of Macroalgae for Human Consumption in the Pacific NorthwestAquaculture2
Vibrio ecology in the PNWThe Ecology of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the Pacific Northwest: Implications for risk assessment and early warning systemsNot designated1
Taurine and feed attractionThe effect of dietary taurine on feed attraction and physiology of carnivorous marine fish.Aquaculture1
Sablefish Feed DevelopmentDevelopment and optimization of grow out diets for sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria).Aquaculture, Marine Fish and Shellfish Biology1
Ocean Acidification (OA) studiesResearch on the effects of ocean acidification, climate change, and deoxygenation on marine organismsEcosystem Science, Genetics and Evolution1
Bycatch Reduction Engineering ResearchBycatch Reduction Engineering ResearchGroundfish Ecology3
Growth and Nutritional Physiology of Marine FishesDeveloping diets and feeding strategies for improved growth and performance of juvenile and adult sablefishEnvironmental Physiology, Marine Fish and Shellfish Biology1
Pile Dike PIT-tag AntennasDevelopment of Large PIT-Tag Antennas to Estimate Migration Timing and Survival for Adult Salmonids near Pile Dikes in the Columbia River EstuaryEstuarine and Ocean Ecology1
PPD and PARRProject Planning Database and Public Access to Research Results systemInformation Technology - Scientific Data Management1
Social Impacts of Fishery ManagementSocial Impacts of Fishery Management in West Coast Fisheries Ecosystem Science1
Sex Control in Marine FishesDevelopment of Sex Control Methods in SablefishEnvironmental Physiology, Marine Fish and Shellfish Biology and Aquaculture1
Fishing CommunitiesDependence, Vulnerability, Resilience and Well-being of fishers and fishing communities in the California Current EcosystemEconomic and Social Science Research3
Newport Hydrographic LineNewport Hydrographic Line Research and Ocean Ecosystem MonitoringEstuarine and Ocean Ecology - Ocean Ecology1
Observer ProgramObserver Program Operations and AnalysisFisheries Observation Science3
Elwha River dam removalElwha River Dam Removal StudyMigrational Behavior, Watershed4
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