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OA 2014-5 Data
Limited Entry and Open Access cost earnings survey collecting 2014-15 data
This project collects economic data from vessel owners participating in the West Coast limited entry fixed gear and open access groundfish, salmon, crab, and shrimp fisheries. The data is needed for a variaety of applicatoins, such as the NWFSC's regional economic model (IO-PAC) as well as estimating the profitability of fishery participants for applications such as the Pacific Fisheries Mangement Council's Groundfish Spex process. Major stages of the project include developing a survey questionnaire, devloping a contact list of all fishery participants with available contact information (name, address, phone number), obtaining approval for the survey from the Office of Management and Budget thorugh the Paperwork Reduction Act process, hiring a contractor to field the survey, training contractor personnel on how to field the survey, supervising survey fielding by the contractor, and working with the contractor to obtain an electronic data set containing survey results.

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economics of fishing fleets and shore-based industries


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Carl Lian
Principal Investigator