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ProjectNameProgramData sets
Elwha Salmon Carcass 2007Elwha River salmon carcass addition experimentWatershed1
NWFSC-OHHI/NSF EF-0813285Identifying Environmental Determinants Favorable for the Presence and Transmission of Pathogenic VibriosNot designated1
FRAM Hab & Consv Eng. - 6Topic: Exploring the Undersea San Andreas Fault: Revealing the Past, Present, and Future at the Centennial of the Great 1906 EarthquakeNot designated1
ECOHAB-HeterosigmaThe Ecophysiology and Toxicity of Heterosigma akashiwo in Puget Sound: A Living Laboratory Ecosystem ApproachMarine Microbes and Toxins1
REUT - Lingcod EnhancementLingcod Stock Enhancement: ecological interactions, fishery contributions, and life historyNot designated2
Redfish sockeyeSnake River sockeye salmon captive propagationFisheries Enhancement and Conservation3
Marine Pelagic Food WebEvaluating the ecological health of Puget Sound's pelagic foodwebWatershed3
DWH Seafood SafetyDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill Seafood Safety ResponseNot designated1
Penn Cove microbial profilingBacterial community profiling at sewage treatment plant outfallsNot designated1
Potential Habitat ImprovementPotential for Habitat Improvement in the Columbia River BasinWatershed1
Historical Range of BeaverHistorical Range of Beaver in the State of California, with an emphasis on areas within the range of coho salmon and steelhead troutWatershed1
Shellfish growing areasTransport and fate of nutrient and pathogen loadings into nearshore Puget Sound: consequences for shellfish growing areasWatershed2
SRKW Acoustic Noise ResponseInvestigating noise effects on the acoustic signals and behavior of Southern Resident killer whales (Orcinus orca)Ecosystem Science1
Vibrio population structureGenetic and population structure analysis of clinical and environmental Vibrio parahaemolyticus strainsNot designated1
Cedar RiverRecolonization of the Cedar River, WA by Pacific salmonWatershed2
Trinity River RestorationTrinity River Restoration PotentialWatershed2
Gulf of California modelingDeveloping end-to-end models of the Gulf of CaliforniaEcosystem Science2
Food web role of bald eaglesTrophic impacts of bald eagles in the Puget Sound food webEcosystem Science2
Columbia River EstuaryColumbia River Estuary Tidal HabitatsEstuarine and Ocean Ecology2
Copper toxicity to salmonNeurobehavioral impacts of copper on juvenile salmonNot designated3
Pesticide risks to salmonEvaluating the impacts of pesticides on ESA-listed salmon and their habitatsNot designated3
Tidal energy site mammal-birdTidal energy site mammal/bird surveyEcosystem Science1
Stable Isotopes in PredatorsCharacterizing ecosystem role of sharksEcosystem Science1
TaurineDetermining Optimum Taurine Supplementation Levels for Plant Proteins Incorporated into Marine Finfish Feeds using Juvenile Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria.Aquaculture1
English sole somatic growthSuitability of somatic growth of English sole as an ecosystem indicator.Ecosystem Analysis1
Sablefish ReproductionReproductive Life History Analysis of Sablefish Populations off the Washington and California CoastsEnvironmental Physiology, Marine Fish and Shellfish Biology2
Live HaulingLive Hauling of FishAquaculture7
Tide gatesPhysical and biological effects of fish-friendly tide gatesWatershed2
Sablefish GI microbiomeIncorporating Gastrointestinal Microbiome Analysis into Fish Nutritional AssessmentsNot designated1
Pacific hake growth & movementGrowth and natal origin of Pacific hake from the Georgia Basin DPSEcosystem Analysis1
Metro Wetlands RestorationMultnomah Channel Wetland Restoration Monitoring ProjectEstuarine and Ocean Ecology1
Impacts of chiller failureImpact of chiller failure on the short-term temperature variation in the incubation of salmonids Fisheries Enhancement and Conservation2
ISEMPIntegrated Status and Effectiveness ProjectMathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring1
PCBs in Northwest Atlantic dogfishChemical tracers in Northwest Atlantic dogfishEnvironmental Chemistry1
Contingent Angler BehaviorModel Intended Angler BehaviorEconomic and Social Science Research1
Cedar River Chinook reproductive successEstimate relative reproductive success of hatchery and wild fall Chinook salmon in the Cedar RiverGenetics and Evolution1
Wenatchee River steelhead reproductive successEstimate the relative reproductive success of hatchery and wild steelhead in the Wenatchee River, WAGenetics and Evolution1
Puget Sound food web modelingDeveloping food web models for ecosystem-based management applications in Puget Sound.Ecosystem Science2
Calawah River RiverscapeCalawah River Riverscape StudyWatershed1
Quota Market AnalysisAnalysis and Reporting on Pacific Groundfish IFQ Quota MarketEcosystem Science1
FRAM Observer Salmon geneticsContemporary Salmon Genetic Stock Composition EstimatesGenetics and Evolution1
Potential Habitat ImprovementPotential for Habitat Improvement in the Columbia River BasinWatershed1
Pink salmon captive broodstockCaptive Broodstock Gene Rescue Program for Odd Year Class Elwha River Pink SalmonFisheries Enhancement and Conservation3
Redfish sockeyeSnake River sockeye salmon captive propagationFisheries Enhancement and Conservation5
Population viability analysisPopulation Viability AnalysisGenetics and Evolution1
Hood Canal SteelheadHood Canal Steelhead Supplementation ExperimentFisheries Enhancement and Conservation1
Salish Sea Marine SurvivalEarly Marine Survival of Puget Sound SteelheadFisheries Enhancement and Conservation1
Ocean acidification labOcean acidification species exposure experimental facilityGenetics and Evolution1
Groundfish MovementMovement and habitat use patterns of top predators and keystone species in the benthic food web.Ecosystem Science6
CHaMPColumbia Habitat Monitoring ProgramMathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring1
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