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CHaMP metrics
CHaMP metric data set consists of the entire suite of measurements described in the 2012 CHaMP protocol. A three-person crew surveys the topography (both the in-channel bathymetry and out-of-channel topography including the near channel floodplain) at a site and collects auxiliary data at both the channel unit scale (fish cover estimates, large woody debris, ocular estimate of substrate, pebble counts of bed material in riffles, pool tail fines, and undercut banks) and the site level scale (macroinvertebrate drift, discharge, solar input, riparian structure, alkalinity, conductivity, photographs, and water and air temperature loggers). The crews post process the data collected at each of the sites, which entails a QC of the survey point data, importing the survey point data into ArcGIS and converting the points into a TIN, and converting the topographic TIN to a DEM. Additional GIS products are also produced during the post-processing and include a water surface TIN, water surface DEM, and water depth raster.
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Parent Project
Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program
Data manager
Chris Jordan
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Carol Volk
Mathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring

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