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BPA genetic monitoring
Initiated in 1989, this study monitors genetic changes associated with hatchery propagation in multiple Snake River sub-basins for Chinook salmon and steelhead. We also derive estimates of reproductive success for individual families and groups of fish. The information obtained from this study directly addresses a critical knowledge gap identified by comanagers, which is: under what conditions does hatchery supplementation provide a sustained contribution to natural production? Co-managers are ODFW, CTUIR, NPT, WDFW, IDFG, and SBT. This type of monitoring work is now an essential part of hatchery reform and the goal of using widespread hatchery propagation in recovery of natural populations.
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Genetic Monitoring of Interior Columbia River Chinook Salmon and Steelhead
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Ewann Berntson
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Ewann Berntson
Genetics and Evolution

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