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Water quality data
Nitrate(mg/l), nitrite (mg/l), ammonia (mg/l), pH, temperature (Celsius), and dissolved oxygen (mg/l) are routinely measured for tanks used to culture Nooksack and Stilliquamh Chinook, Redfish Lake Sockeye, and Elwha Pink salmon. Water flow (gpm), water clarity, oxygen (on/off), feeding behavior, and cleaning comments are also noted. Measurements are taken weekly at random, except when scheduling conflicts arise. There can be up to 12 dissolved oxygen samples from Building 22 and up to 17 from Building 13. Additional data collected from 4 liter water samples includes classifying invertebrate content down to order. Fish sloughage, spicules, organic matter, ciliates and crustaceans are qualitatively assessed. Spicule types(s), crustacean type(s) and ciliate type(s) are recorded. A text box for microscope comments is present.
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Parent Project
North Puget Sound Chinook salmon captive propagation
Data manager
Melissa Lomshek
Data owner
Melissa Lomshek
Fisheries Enhancement and Conservation


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