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    NOAA Fisheries Northwest Science Center Scientific Publications

    2006Journal ArticleNilsson, W. B., N. Gudkovs, M. S. Strom. 2006. Atypical strains of Aeromonas salmonicida contain multiple copies of insertion element ISAs4 useful as a genetic marker and target for PCR Assay. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms , 70 (3) : 209-217.
    2005Journal ArticleBeckman, B. R., D. A. Larsen. 2005. Upstream migration of minijack (age-2) Chinook salmon in the Columbia River:  behavior, abundance, distribution, and origin. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 134 (6) : 1520-1541. (
    2005Journal ArticleCook, M. A., M. B. Rust. 2005. Lingcod Research Continues in US Pacific Northwest. Global Aquaculture Advocate , 8 (1) : 78-80.
    2005Journal ArticleFukada, H., Y. Ozaki, A. L. Pierce, S. Adachi, K. Yamauchi, A. Hara, P. Swanson, W. W. Dickhoff. 2005. Identification of the salmon somatolactin receptor, a new member of the cytokine receptor family. Endocrinology , 146 : 2354-2361.
    2006Journal ArticleFairgrieve, W. T., C. L. Masada, M. E. Peterson, W. C. McAuley, G. C. McDowell, M. S. Strom. 2006. Concentrations of erythromycin and azithromycin in mature Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) after intraperitoneal injection, and in their progeny. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms , 68 : 227-234.
    Journal ArticleBeechie, T. J., M. Liermann, M. M. Pollock, S. Baker, A. M. Senauer, K. Kloehn. Channel pattern predicts patch dynamics and biodiversity in river-floodplain ecosystems. Nature.
    2007Journal ArticleTrainer, V. L., M. Suddleson. 2007. Monitoring approaches for early warning of domoic acid poisoning events. Oceanography , 18 (2) : 228-237.
    Journal ArticleGuthrie, K., F. M. Dong, M. B. Rust. Comparison of apparent digestibility of common diets fed to Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria), lingcod (Ophiodon elongates), and brown rockfish (Sebastes auriculatus). Aquaculture.
    2005Technical MemorandumWilliams, J. G., S. G. Smith, R. W. Zabel, W. D. Muir, M. D. Scheuerell, B. P. Sandford, D. M. Marsh, R. A. McNatt, S. Achord. 2005. Effects of the federal Columbia River power system on salmonid populations. NMFS-NWFSC-63 (PDF 2617.101K, uploaded 04/14/2005)
    2007Journal ArticleSteel, E. A., I. A. Lange. 2007. Using wavelet analysis to detect changes in water temperature regimes at multiple scales:  effects of multi-purpose dams in the Willamette River Basin. River Research and Applications , 23 (4) : 351-359. (
    2006Journal ArticleFerguson, J. W., R. F. Absolon, T. J. Carlson, B. P. Sandford. 2006. Evidence of delayed mortality in juvenile Pacific salmon passing through turbines at Columbia River dams. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 135 (1) : 139-150. (
    2005Journal ArticleWells, M. L., C. G. Trick, W. P. Cochlan, M. P. Hughes, V. L. Trainer. 2005. Domoic acid: the synergy of iron, copper and the toxicity of diatoms. Limnology and Oceanography , 50 : 1908-1917.
    2005Journal ArticleParanjpye, R. N., M. S. Strom. 2005. A Vibrio vulnificus Type IV pilin contributes to biofilm formation, adherence to epithelial cells and virulence. Infection and Immunity , 73 : 1411-1422.
    2007Journal ArticleVickery, M., W. B. Nilsson, M. S. Strom, J. L. Nordstrom, A. DePaola. 2007. A real-time PCR assay for the rapid determination of 16S rRNA Genotype and Discovery of 16S rRNA gene heterogeneity in individual Isolates of Vibrio vulnificus. Journal of Microbiological Methods , 68 : 376-384.
    2005Journal ArticleIncardona, J., M. G. Carls, H. Teraoka, C. A. Sloan, T. K. Collier, N. L. Scholz. 2005. Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-independant toxicity of weathered crude oil during fish development. Environmental Health Perspectives , 113 : 1755-1762.
    2006Journal ArticleScheuerell, M. D., R. Hilborn, M. H. Ruckelshaus, K. K. Bartz, K. M. Lagueux, A. D. Haas, K. Rawson. 2006. The Shiraz model: a tool for incorporating fish-habitat relationships in conservation planning. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 63 (7) : 1596-1607. (
    2006Journal ArticleBaugh, K. A., J. M. Bush, B. D. Bill, K. A. Lefebvre, V. L. Trainer. 2006. Estimates of specific toxicity in several Pseudo-nitzschia species based on culture and field studies. African Journal of Marine Science , 28 (2) : 403-407. (
    2006Journal ArticleBeechie, T. J., C. M. Greene, L. Holsinger, E. M. Beamer. 2006. Incorporating parameter uncertainty into evaluation of spawning habitat limitations on Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) populations. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 63 (6) : 1242-1250. (
    2005Journal ArticleMorley, S. A., P. S. Garcia, T. R. Bennett, P. Roni. 2005. Juvenile salmonid (Oncorhynchus spp.) use of constructed and natural side channels in Pacific Northwest rivers. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 62 (12) : 2811-2821. (
    2006Journal ArticleScholz, N. L., N. Truelove, J. S. Labenia, D. H. Baldwin, T. K. Collier. 2006. Does-additive addition of chinook salmon acetylcholinesterase activity by mixtures of organophosphate and carbamate insecticides. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry , 25 (5) : 1200-1207.
    2006Journal ArticleMarchetti, A., V. L. Trainer, P. Harrison. 2006. Environmental conditions and phytoplankton dynamics associated with Pseudo-nitzchia abundance and domoic acid in the Juan de Fuca eddy. Marine Ecology Progress Series , 281 : 1-24.
    2008Journal ArticleWeitkamp, L. A. 2008. Buoyancy regulation by hatchery and wild coho salmon during the transition from freshwater to marine environments. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 137 (3) : 860-868. (
    2005Journal ArticleBernhardt, E. S., M. A. Palmer, J. D. Allan, G. Alexander, K. Barnas, S. Brooks, J. Carr, S. Clayton, C. Dahm, J. Follstad-Shah, D. Galat, S. Gloss, P. Goodwin, D. Hart, B. Hassett, R. Jenkinson, S. L. Katz, G. M. Kondolf, P. S. Lake, R. Lave, J. L. Meyer, T. K. O'Donnell, L. Pagano, B. Powell, E. Sudduth. 2005. Synthesizing U.S. river restoration efforts. Science , 308 (5722) : 636-637.
    2006Journal ArticleShearer, K. D., P. Parkins, B. A. Gadberry, B. R. Beckman, P. Swanson. 2006. Effects of growth rate/body size and a low lipid diet on the incidence of early sexual maturation in juvenile male spring chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha. Aquaculture , 252 (2-4) : 545-556.
    2006Journal ArticleLinbo, T. L., C. M. Stehr, J. Incardona, N. L. Scholz. 2006. Dissolved copper triggers cell death in the peripheral mechanosensory system of larval fish. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry , 25 (2) : 597-603.
    2006Journal ArticleTolimieri N, Levin PS (2006) Assemblage structure of eastern Pacific groundfishes on the U.S. continental slope in relation to physical and environmental variables. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 135: 115-130.
    2006Journal ArticleLayton, D. F., S. T. Lee. 2006. Embracing Model Uncertainty: Strategies for Response Pooling and Model Averaging. Environmental and Resource Economics.
    2005Journal ArticleJech, J. M., K. G. Foote, D. Chu, L. C. Hufnagle Jr. 2005. Comparing two 38-kHz scientific echo sounders. ICES Journal of Marine Science , 62 : 1168-1179.
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    2004Journal ArticleLai, H., T. E. Helser. 2004. Linear mixed-effects models for weight-length relationships. Fisheries Research , (70) 377-388.
    2005Journal ArticleHamel, O. S. 2005. Immunosuppression in progeny of chinook salmon infected with Renibacterium salmoninarum: re-analysis of a brood stock segregation experiment. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms , 65 (1) : 29-41.
    2006Journal ArticleSchirripa, M. J., J. J. Colbert. 2006. Interannual Changes in sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) recruitment in relation to oceanographic conditions within the California Current System. Fisheries Oceanography , 15 : 25-36.
    2004Journal ArticleLauth, R. R., W. W. Wakefield, K. Smith. 2004. Estimating the density of thornyheads, Sebastolobus spp., using a towed video camera sled. Fisheries Research , 70 : 39-48.
    2004Journal ArticleLauth, R. R., J. N. Ianelli, W. W. Wakefield. 2004. Estimating the size selectivity and catching efficiency of a survey bottom trawl for thornyheads, Sebastolobus spp., using a towed video camera sled. Fisheries Research , (70) 27-37.
    2005Chapter or SectionWakefield, W. W., C. Whitmire, J. E. Clemons, B. N. Tissot. 2005. Fish habitat studies: Combining high-resolution geological and biological data. Pages 119-138 in Barnes, P. W., J. P. Thomas. (Eds.) Benthic habitats and the effects of fishing. American Fisheries Society, Symposium 41, , Bethesda, Maryland.
    2005Journal ArticleTolimieri, N., P. S. Levin. 2005. The roles of fishing and climate in the population dynamics of bocaccio rockfish. Ecological Applications , (15) 458-468.
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    2005Journal ArticleRessler, P. H., R. D. Brodeur, W. T. Peterson, S. K. Pierce, P. M. Vance, A. R. Rostad, J. A. Barth. 2005. The spatial distribution of euphausiid aggregations in the northern California Current during August 2000. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography , 52 (1-2) : 89-108.
    2005Journal ArticleHarvey, C. J. 2005. Effects of El Ni¿o events on energy demand and egg production of rockfish (Scorpaenidae: Sebastes): A bioenergetics approach. Fishery Bulletin , 103 (71-83).
    2004Journal ArticleWitting, D. A., R. C. Chambers, K. L. Bosley, S. C. Wainright. 2004. Experimental evaluation of ontogenetic diet transitions in summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) using stable isotopes as dietary tracers. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , (61) 2069-2084.
    2005Journal ArticleScheuerell, M. D., P. S. Levin, R. W. Zabel, J. G. Williams, B. L. Sanderson. 2005. A new perspective on the importance of marine-derived nutrients to threatened stocks of Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences , 62 (5) : 961-964. (
    2005Journal ArticleScheuerell, M. D. 2005. The influence of juvenile size on the age at maturity of individually marked wild Chinook salmon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society , 134 (4) : 999-1004. (
    2007Journal ArticleHall, J. E., D. M. Holzer, T. J. Beechie. 2007. Predicting river floodplain and lateral channel migration for salmon habitat conservation. Journal of the American Water Resources Association , 43 (3) : 786-797. (
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    Journal ArticleBaker, S., F. Damian, J. E. Hall, T. J. Beechie. Modeling erosion rate increases in the interior Columbia River Basin. Journal of the American Water Resources Association.
    2006Journal ArticleWaples, R. S. 2006. Seed banks, salmon, and sleeping genes:  effective population size in semelparous, age-structured species with fluctuating abundance. American Naturalist , 167 (1) : 118-135. (
    2006Journal ArticleWainwright, T. C., L. R. Feinberg, R. C. Hooff, W. T. Peterson. 2006. A comparison of two lower trophic models for the California Current system. Ecological Modelling , 202 (1-2) : 120-131. (
    2005Journal ArticleScheuerell, M. D., J. G. Williams. 2005. Forecasting climate-induced changes in the survival of Snake River spring/summer Chinook salmon. Fisheries Oceanography , 14 (6) : 448-457. (
    2005Journal ArticleKemp, P. S., M. H. Gessel, J. G. Williams. 2005. Seaward migrating subyearling chinook salmon avoid overhead cover. Journal of Fish Biology , 67 (5) : 1381-1391. (
    2005Journal ArticleBrodeur, R. D., M. P. Seki, E. A. Pakhomov, A. V. Suntsov. 2005. Micronekton - What are they and why are they importan? PICES Press , 13 : 7-11. (micronekton.pdf 510.533K, uploaded 02/09/2005)