Pacific Coast Fisheries Permits
Permits Privacy Act Statement

Permits Privacy Act Statement

OMB Control No. 0648-0620; Expires on: 01/31/2020

Authority to Collect

Participants in the limited entry West Coast Groundfish Groundfish Fishery must apply for and/or renew permits as required by the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation Act (50 CFR 660.25/660.18, 660.140, 660.150 and 660160).


The web based system contains data required to be submitted for various permits issued in support of the West Coast Groundfish limited entry Groundfish Fishery. Participants in the trawl fishery use the system to track and manage their quota share and quota pounds.

Routine Uses

Information is collected to manage and conserve the West Coast Groundfish Fishery and to maintain accurate and current and historical records on all permit owners, vessel owners and vessels participating in the limited entry West Coast Groundfish Fishery. Such information is collected to verify that participants comply with existing regulations and to monitor and analyze changes in the fishery. Disclosure of this information is permitted under the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. Section 552a), to be shared within NMFS offices, for management of the West Coast Groundfish Trawl Fishery. Disclosure of this information is also subject to all of the published routine uses as identified in the Privacy Act System of Records Notice, COMMERCE/NOAA #19, Permits and registrations for United States Federally Regulated Fisheries. An amended notice was published in the Federal Register on August 7, 2015 (80 FR 47457) and became effective September 15, 2015 (80 FR 55327).


The collection of this information is voluntary. However, failure to provide a complete application may delay the review of the application, prevent the issuance and/or renewal of a permit or result in the permanent expiration of a permit.