Scott Creek Life Cycle Monitoring Station

Salmonid Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RM&E)

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Start Date08/11/2020
End Date06/30/2022
Last Edited06/23/2022
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The overarching objective of this project is continued operation of the Scott Creek Life Cycle Monitoring Station and the generation of robust annual estimates of key viable salmonid population parameters for California Central Coast (CCC) Coho salmon and steelhead in the Scott Creek basin. This project provides the information necessary to assess the status of coho salmon populations and the efficacy of ongoing recovery actions in the watershed and broader region. Outcomes of this work will directly inform progress toward goals established in the federal CCC Coho salmon recovery plan(National Marine Fisheries Service, NMFS 2012) and provide NMFS the information necessary to rigorously assess population viability (i.e., complete 5-year ESA status reviews).

Project Benefit    

Continuing to operate the Life Cycle Monitoring Station at Scott Creek will maintain a long term data set on Coho and Steelhead population abundance and trend which the NMFS uses to evaluate the viability of salmonid populations. The project will also provide data to support the Coho broodstock programs.


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Scott Creek LCM

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  • State: California
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  • Latitude: 37.50833
  • Longitude: -122.6667


  • Central California Coast Coho Salmon ESU
  • Central California Coast Steelhead DPS




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