San Juan County Shoreline Modification Inventory

Salmonid Restoration Planning and Assessments

Restoration Planning And Coordination Salmonid Habitat Assessment / Inventory
Project ID08-1929 P
Recovery DomainsPuget Sound
Start Date12/11/2008
End Date09/06/2011
Last Edited04/19/2022
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The purpose of this project was to accomplish the following goals of the San Juan County Shoreline Modification Inventory: identify key juvenile salmon nearshore habitat stressors; prioritize habitat restoration opportunities to improve prey availability, and increase juvenile salmon survival; and secure landowner support for restoration implementation.
While there is a general awareness regarding the negative role shoreline modifications have on nearshore habitats, detailed information on the specific location, type, and landscape scale of the problem remains a major data gap for San Juan County salmon recovery efforts. Recent results of case studies indicate that the extent of shoreline modifications is much larger than understood; with roughly a third of the shorelines on developed parcels already modified.
Friends of the San Juans (FSJ) will survey, via boat, shoreline modifications including armoring, docks, and mooring buoys along all 400+ miles of San Juan County shorelines. Shoreline modifications will be then be prioritized for restoration. FSJ will then conduct targeted landowner outreach to educate the landowner about the importance of their shoreline, opportunities to restore the habitat, promote more ecologically-friendly designs, and if pertinent discuss potential funding options for restoration. This comprehensive inventory will improve understanding of the status of nearshore habitat for salmon and salmon prey in San Juan County and will directly inform restoration planning and implementation.

Project Benefit    

The goal of the project is to increase/improve information to help select projects that have a high certainty and benefit. The objective of the project is to fill data gaps regarding marine nearshore assessments.


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In-Kind Volunteers$12,744
In-Kind Other$6,630
Report Total:$120,612

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  • Basin: Puget Sound
  • Subbasin:
  • Watershed:
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  • State: Washington
  • Recovery Domain: Puget Sound
  • Latitude: 48.5295571
  • Longitude: -123.02213071


  • Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia Coho Salmon ESU
  • Olympic Peninsula Coho Salmon ESU
  • Hood Canal Summer-run Chum Salmon ESU
  • Puget Sound/Strait of Georgia Chum Salmon ESU
  • Pacific Coast Chum Salmon ESU
  • Puget Sound Steelhead DPS
  • Even-year
  • Odd-year
  • Puget Sound Chinook Salmon ESU




  • B.0 Salmonid Restoration Planning and AssessmentsY (Y/N)
    •      . . B.0.a Planning And Assessment Funding 120,612.00
    •      . . B.0.b.1 Area Encompassed 14,600.0
    •      . . B.1 Restoration Planning And CoordinationY (Y/N)
      •      . . . . B.1.a Planning and Coordination funding 4,725.69
      •      . . . . B.1.b.11 Engineering/design work for restoration projectsY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . . . B.1.b.11.a
          Name of plan implemented
          Shoreline Modification Inventory for San Juan County Washington 2010 San Juan County Shoreline Modification Inventory Restoration Opportunities Report and Mapbook 2011 supporting ARC GIS geodatabases
        •      . . . . . . B.1.b.11.b
          Description and scope of the plan implemented
          Comprehanive, county-wide inventory of all major shoreline modifications for SJC and a restoration prioritization of potential modification removal or redesign projects.
      •      . . B.2 Salmonid Habitat Assessment / InventoryY (Y/N)
        •      . . . . B.2.a Habitat Assessment Funding 115,886.31
        •      . . . . B.2.b.1 Watershed AssessmentY (Y/N)
          •      . . . . . . B.2.b.2
            Name of document(s)
            SJC shoreline inventory restoration opportunities report
        •      . . . . B.2.d Habitat surveysY (Y/N)
          •      . . . . . . B.2.d.1 Type of habitat survey/assessment (LOV)
          •      . . . . . . B.2.d.2 Amount of habitat assessed 7,400.0
          •      . . . . . . B.2.d.3 Amount of habitat assessed that needed restoration 1,500.0