Estimating Escapement of Chilkat River Chinook Salmon Using Transgenerational Mark-Recapture

Salmonid Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RM&E)

Project IDAK54018
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Start Date08/15/2021
End Date08/14/2023
Last Edited06/27/2022
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This project will estimate escapement of Chilkat River Chinook salmon abundance by implementing an emerging method called “transgenerational mark-recapture” (tGMR) where marking and recapturing is accomplished via genotypic identification of spawners and their offspring. Simulations will be used to assess assumptions and mitigate for potential biases in tGMR, which will help guide future tGMR projects.

Project Benefit    

Accurate and efficient enumeration of salmon populations is essential for assessing the status of salmon populations, including monitoring declines as well as recovery. Since the listing of Chilkat Chinook as a “stock of management concern”, subsistence harvest has been severely restricted. This project develops methods that may enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and precision of abundance estimates for Chilkat Chinook. The project will also provide widely applicable benefits to many stocks of salmon by refining our understanding of the extent of, and how to mitigate for, potential biases in the tGMR method. Moreover, if the tGMR methodology can be validated, it could be used as a cost-effective tool to estimate spawning abundance on wild salmon populations in Southeast Alaska lacking robust assessment tools.


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  • Basin: Northern Southeast Alaska
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  • State: Alaska
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  • Latitude: 59.267627
  • Longitude: -135.651157


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