Sweetwater Creek Restoration Design

Salmonid Restoration Planning and Assessments

Restoration Planning And Coordination
Project ID011 19 CW
Recovery DomainsInterior Columbia
Start Date01/01/2020
End Date12/31/2022
Last Edited12/21/2021
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Sweetwater Creek is a tributary to Lapwai Creek in Nez Perce County, Idaho and the Nez Perce Reservation. In cooperation with landowners, the Nez Perce Soil and Water Conservation District (NPSWCD) is developing a long-term stream protection and restoration strategy for 3.5 miles of the middle reaches of Sweetwater Creek. Within the project reach, substantial flow is diverted from Sweetwater Creek to the Sweetwater Canal by the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District (USBR, 2009). The diversion has been in operation for over 100 years. Gravel sediment is trapped in the
pond behind the diversion dam and until recently was removed from the stream. Bank erosion was observed by NSWCD personnel at many locations in the reach below the diversion dam. There is concern that altered flow and sediment regimes may have increased channel incision and bank erosion below the diversion. The NPSWCD will complete an engineering design for Sweetwater Creek in Nez Perce County, Idaho. The designs will develop site specific restoration to increase pools and retain gravel. The site is located within known steelhead spawning and rearing areas.

Project Benefit    

Protection of spawning and rearing habitat along 3.5 miles of Sweetwater Creek.


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Funding Details

In-Kind Volunteers$2,174
In-Kind Donated Labor$848
Report Total:$58,321

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  • Worksite Identifier: WS1
  • Start Date: 01/01/2020
  • End Date: 12/31/2022
Area Description
Sweetwater Creek

Location Information

  • Basin: Clearwater
  • Subbasin:
  • Watershed:
  • Subwatershed:
  • State: Idaho
  • Recovery Domain: Interior Columbia
  • Latitude: 46.298902
  • Longitude: -116.854785


  • Snake River Basin Steelhead DPS




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          Name of plan implemented
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