Subsistence Chinook Salmon Harvest in Lower Kuskokwim River Tributaries

Salmonid Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RM&E)

Project IDAK53012
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Start Date03/01/2020
End Date02/28/2024
Last Edited03/24/2022
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Current harvest assessment programs on the Kuskokwim River are not able to document specific harvests of salmon in tributaries of the lower river where salmon do not spawn but mill for rest during upriver spawning migrations. This project will conduct surveys with drift gillnet fishers in four lower Kuskokwim River communities and in the mouths of four lower Kuskokwim River tributaries to record their harvests of Chinook salmon and other salmon species and to document the frequency with which they fish in these locations. Survey results will provide previously undocumented subsistence salmon harvest data in a fishery that has been severely restricted from the harvest of Chinook salmon since 2012.

Project Benefit    

Collecting scientifically defensible Chinook harvest and fleet size data on lower Kuskokwim River non-spawning tributaries will improve the ability of managers to most effectively manage the Chinook run, maximizing subsistence harvest (which has been severely restricted in the last decade) while ensuring sustainable escapements. Kuskokwim River subsistence fishers will also have an important role in the project as partners in Chinook salmon research which will help develop collaborative relationships between managers and the individuals directly affected by management decisions.


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  • Basin: Lower Kuskokwim River
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  • State: Alaska
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  • Latitude: 60.216939
  • Longitude: -162.329167


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