OSC 3% Admin Allowance PCSRF 2016

Program Administration

Project IDPCS16A 01
Recovery Domains -
Start Date07/01/2016
End Date06/30/2021
Last Edited10/28/2021
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The Office of Species Conservation staff administered the PCSRF 2016 grant to meet NOAA administrative requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner. Tasks completed under this project included: 1) coordination and support to the Idaho PCSRF Board (Board) to select projects through a Request for Proposals process to enhance the quantity and quality of salmon and steelhead habitats. 2) Coordination, administration and oversite activities necessary to ensure that the PCSRF sub-grantees approved by the Idaho Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund Board were provided with information, reports, documentation, invoicing, and participation necessary to meet NOAA Fisheries PCSRF requirements and objectives. 3) Coordination and communication with NOAA to meet requirements and objectives for financial and progress reporting, reimbursement using ASAP, NOAA PCSRF Project database entry, grants online entry, and grant application, grant closure, and other requirements as assigned.

Grant administration was performed by staff in a position of less than 40 hrs/wk for a portion of this grant period. In addition, other staff positions that typically support administration of PCSRF grants (financial officer and admin assistant) were unfilled for a portion of the grant period. Unused administration funds were redirected to projects.

Project Benefit    

Administration of PCSRF funding will assure that projects are completed and the outcomes of those projects will benefit ESA listed species by improving and restoring habitat.


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Report Total:$64,850


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